Show trucks and butt naked glamour models !


Hi Y'all I've been unable to maintain the stacksncracks facebook due to lack of time, you can get me on Twitter and keep track of my current projects, i may be heading west sometime soon in with case i will continue to shoot beautiful trucks & beautiful girls for this site..

I hope you all liked what i done, To all who have bought calendars,

Thanks for your support !

Calendars & Posters are still available in our shop & are being shipped within 2 weeks of your order

Unfortunately I'm unable to drop the price of the 09 calendars as the oversea's postage is so friggin steep ! more than what you are actually charged.. There is however 15 quality A4 pictures on them and as the pictures are not printed back to back you can cut them all out !

Download your stacksncracks truck screen savers here !

Good luck n good truckin !



Hillwick 66, Bobby's 1966 Peterbilt 351 & Daniela


Brook Lee & Daves W900 Kenworth


Apologies for the stripper link ! it helps my SEO, a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do to make a buck !

More truck and girl photo shoots.

This site is not just about show trucks ! During 2009 we will be on the look out for Any working trucks that are displaying our bumper stickers or window stickers up & down the highways, if your in the right place at the right time you could be in for a photoshoot to remember !


Rochelle, Topless with Jasons Daf XF 95



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